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Aim south while driving northward

A certain northern traveler intended to travel to Chu. He started his journey on horseback by the foot of the Tai Hang Mountain by a way leading north. His friend was very surprised so he asked : “ Chu is situated in the south so why you northward instead of going southward ? “

“Never mind”, the traveler replied obstinately, “my horse is a good steed. It runs very fast.”

“No matter how fast it runs,” said his friend,”you can never reach Chu by going northward.”

“I have prepared sufficient traveler expenses.” replied the traveler. “Sufficient traveling expenses can help you neither.”continued his friend.

“Well,” answered the traveler still more obstinately.”I have a strong and capable groom at my services.”

“No groom, how capable and strong he may be, can be of any use to you if you stick to going northward.”Concluded his friend. The traceler did not listen to his friend and so never reached Chu. ( “zhanguoce”)

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